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Turtle: Invaders
A fixed-axis shooter with netplay co-op. Shoot at and destroy bats to earn points. Take a friend with you in either online or local co-op modes and grab some power-ups along the way! Can you survive to fight the evil Space Phoenix?
Pegs: Lua Edition
Remade from scratch comes Pegs: Lua Edition. This is a recreation of the original which came on the TI-84 calculator remade to have catchy audio and a level editor.
Once ruler of the Prime Universe, Idiot wakes up imprisoned in an underground tower. He quickly realizes that Turtle is attempting to steal his beloved position of ruling the Prime Universe. Join Idiot, Gabe, Turret, and Turtle on a puzzle platforming adventure filled with humor and challenge.
Originally made for Ludum Dare #33, Hax0r is a game about being a computer virus. Not just any virus, however, as you quickly discover the truth of what being a monster really means. Infect the PowerPC95 and steal its data by jumping atop the heads of various file type enemies.
Originally made for Ludum Dare #34, Antibounce has a bouncy ball attempting to collect coins. Spikes and rockets will randomly spawn and gravity will randomly flip. These all have audio cues as to when any of them will occur. There are only two controls, so try to aim for the top score without dying.
Space Fruit
During HackRU 2015, four friends and I decided to make a game that blended together Asteroids and Fruit Ninja. This is the result. Aim for the highest score and make friends envious by beating their scores!