Provides of audio interface for playback/recording sound. </b>


Name Description Notes
getVolume Returns the master volume  
newSource Creates a new Source from a file, SoundData, or Decoder  
pause Pauses specified Source LÖVE can pause all Sources. Currently not implemented.
play Plays the specified Source  
setVolume Sets the master volume  
stop Stops a specified playing source LÖVE can stop all sources. Currently not implemented.



A Source represents audio you can play back. The source is internally referenced as long as it is playing. </b>

See also:

Name Description Notes
clone Clones this Source  
getChannelCount Get the number of channels on the Source  
getFreeBufferCount Get the number of free buffers on the Source Partially implemented. Needs stream source reporting
getType Gets the type of the Source  
getVolume Gets the current volume of the Source  
getVolumeLimits Returns the volume limits of the Source  
isLooping Returns whether the Source will loop  
isPlaying Returns whether the Source is playing  
pause Pauses the Source  
play Plays the source  
seek Sets the currently playing position of the Source  
setLooping Sets whether the Source should loop  
setVolume Sets the current volume of the Source  
setVolumeLimits Sets the volume limits of the source  
stop Stops a source  


  • Source:tell
  • Source:getDuration (not hooked up?)
  • QueueableSource?
    • It’s an std::vector of Sources and some other things – gotta check it during the overhaul