Release Date: 2021-01-16

Changes from 1.1.0


  • Absolutely destroyed the old codebase and reimplemented everything
    • Followed (most, if not all) of the LÖVE codebase line-by-line per object
      • Implemented what could be done and had to be done from 1.1.0
    • The LICENSE.md has a proper disclaimer about this
  • Use proper matrices instead of “fake” matrices (#69 nice)
  • Improve ogg vorbis audio support
  • Improve wave audio support with wuff, a special library just for LÖVE
  • Implemented the data module and its components
  • Implemented Transform objects
  • Implemented Text objects
    • On 3DS, addf does not support multiple wrap modes and limits
  • Implemented debugging functionality via nxlink on Switch & 3DS gdb
  • Implemented love.graphcis.intersectScissor
  • Added luasocket
  • Implemented the thread module and its components
  • Implemented the sound module and its components
  • Reimplemented the event module
  • Reimplemented the filesystem module and its components
    • Due to physfs becoming available, it greatly increased the compatability here as LÖVE uses it too
  • Added the love.focus callback
  • Added the love.resize callback
  • Added system functions:
    • love.system.getRegion
    • love.system.getModel
    • love.system.getVersion
      • Returns the current Firmware Version
  • Switched to using an embedded nogame.lua instead of using RomFS
  • The error handler got an update – you can now save the error to the SD Card by pressing a.
    • This will write to save/{identity}/errors at the timestamp the error occurred.


  • Remove SDL2 in favor of deko3d
  • Implemented the font module.
    • Fonts can now be loaded (only TrueType for now) through this module.
  • The screen parameter in love.draw has been updated
    • The parameter now gives "default" instead of nil


  • Removed love.graphics.setDepth(number depth)
    • It has been replaced with love.graphics.getStereoscopicDepth()
      • This returns the 3D slider’s value – how you use it for 3D depth is up to you
      • See this Wiki example
  • The screen parameter in love.draw has been updated
    • The parameter now gives "left", "right" and "bottom"
  • Clean up clearing/rendering logic to be more akin to deko3d on Switch
  • Added proper love.graphics.printf support
  • Added love.graphics.setBlendFactor(number factor) to allow tinting textures.
    • If zero is passed, LÖVE Potion will only change the alpha component instead
    • If non-zero is passed, it will tint textures with that much of a strength, best to use 1.

Known Issues


  • The “debugger” seems to be having issues. This will be resolved at some point soon.


  • love.filesystem.mount doesn’t seem to be working for zip files sometimes. May be due to the file size, but unsure.

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.
  • Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.