?> Here is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Löve Potion.

Can I run my LÖVE game on this?

Running your game without any changes is very unlikely. It’s recommended to currently use Löve Potion to make games from the ground up.

Can I help?

Yes, see Building for more details.

Löve Potion is missing feature ‘x’ from LÖVE, and I need it!

Well that’s great to hear! Please open an issue so that I can keep track of your request. I’ll gladly implement what you’ve asked for, as long as it’s feasible.

I just got a Lua error! The app crashed! What do I do?

!> Please be advised: we do not support the use of custom firmwares other than Atmosphère.

If it’s a programming error, feel free to join the Discord community and ask for help! Otherwise, please attach the log file from your device to an issue with the error title.

Neat! I’m gonna send my game to Nintendo and get cartridge of my game and I’ll-

Stop right there kiddo, this is for Homebrew only. This is not for releasing a real console title. I dunno, contact Nintendo if that’s what you want.

Can this run Mari0?!

You know, if I had a nickel for every time someone asked that since Löve Potion first existed, I’d be pretty darn rich. Now for the actual answer: no. Not yet.