Progress Report

It’s been about four weeks since the last post. Currently I’m renting an apartment which isn’t too far from where I’m supposed to work. I haven’t gotten much to do as of yet at the job, but it seems to be slowly picking up. I just don’t want to be... [Read More]

New State Of Mind

Surviving in Maryland

I figured I’d post about this since it’s something that’s rather important to me. I got a job back in November. They asked if I was alright with relocation, and I was. I still am. That’s the point of this post: I’m now in a different state. I previously lived... [Read More]

First post!

After looking over at the old website design, I decided that it was time for a more professional look. The old site wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t exactly the best (especially functionally). Furthermore, I kind of wanted to get back into blogging if possible. I enjoy writing, hence the fact... [Read More]