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Hello, I'm TurtleP.
Programmer ⋅ Gamer ⋅ Turtle

My real name is Jeremy Postelnek, and I am a Senior in college. Since high school, I've learned to program in a variety of languages: Java, C++, and Lua. Visual Basic was the first language I learned in high school, which was what became my foundation for the passion of coding I have today. I moved onto Java the year after, and although it was more challenging, I enjoyed every moment. Once in my final year of high school, I learned Lua through modding a game known as Mari0.

After many months of modding Mari0 I then decided to fulfill my dream of making a full game which involved Lua and the *awesome* framework known as Löve. Soon after this decision, I recruited friends from the Stabyourself.net forums who became part of the development process for each game made. I give all the credit for my passion to coding to my high school computer science teacher, Mr. K. who helped me understand the important concepts of coding.

You can view some of my work on this site; just head over to the games page.