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About Me

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About Me

Ever since I was younger, I was fascinated with video games. In high school I took computer science courses so that I could learn write my own. In university, I graduated with a B. S. in Computer Science.

Over the years I've created several games. The first being Turtle: Puzzles, a puzzle-platformer. Unfortunately it wasn't that great, but I kept on trying to make games. In the process I created Turtle: Invaders with several other users from the Stabyourselfopen in new window forums.

I am also writing a fantasy novel and a actively working on a port/reimplementation of the LÖVE framework called LÖVE Potion. Both of these are listed under the projects dropdown. The majority of my free time, when I have it at least, goes towards improvements and fixes for LÖVE Potion. I work on the novel in semi-short bursts when creativity strikes.

I also have a passion for technology, especially virtual reality. Initially when I went to university, I thought it wasn't that great until I took a 3D game design course. We were introduced to some basic VR stuff at the end of the term and it was quite an experience. No idea if it was just a tech demo, but I remember the shivers I had gliding through the air.