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Progress Report

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Progress Report

It's been about four weeks since the last post. Currently I'm renting an apartment which isn't too far from where I'm supposed to work. I haven't gotten much to do as of yet at the job, but it seems to be slowly picking up. I just don't want to be too flooded with work, not that I'm complaining of course. Just enough to keep me busy and get through the days of the week.

I haven't had time to do coding, but soon I'll be picking up my projects again. On the other hand, I did manage to write some more of my novel. I've been on chapter six for the longest time and I'm liking how it's coming along. Maybe I can finish this one up soon? I probably won't know for a while, but I am enjoying it thoroughly. I find the main issue with my novel is the length of chapters and the total amount I want to achieve. Average length of a chapter right now is probably five to six pages, and a dozen at most. The total amount of chapters is hopefully around twenty.

Having been here for only four weeks seems like forever now. I'm adjusting to living on my own and it's not as difficult as I'd thought. Anyway, that's about all I have for now.