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Squashing Bugs

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Squashing Bugs

The last post I made was October and it's definitely time for an update. For one, work has been keeping me rather busy the last few months. There were some minor worries here and there, but everything worked out.

Secondly, things with my father have improved quite a bit. I know I spoke about that in the second postopen in new window, where everything was rather downhill. However, I cannot stress enough that our relationship has improved.

Third, progress on Löve Potion has taken a small hit. Granted it's due to work taking up most my time in the weekdays and I feel like relaxing once I'm home. I have merged both the 3DS and Switch code where applicable, and now it will be easier to have consecutive platform releases and fixes.

I also wanted to make this post about something that has been repeatedly bugging me. I don't know why, but it just feels like this one thing that happened with some old friends of mine has just come up time and again. I hate being reminded about it. I'm not against talking about the events that took placeopen in new window, but I would much rather forget about it all completely. These three individuals I had cared about--one of them I regret dating--and the other two, I genuinely wish the best for them. There's no reason that the other two people should really hate me, and the reason I was given was absolute garbage.

Anyways, I've just been trying to move onward from all of that. Forget about the past and move on. Sadly that's easier said than done, especially when you feel you've done nothing absolutely harmful, people hate you that you truly did care about, and the universe just kinda sits there flipping you off with these constant reminders of the subject every now and then.

The good news is that since all that happened I've met some amazing friends. People I can trust to talk to, those I care about. People who understand me. I'm glad I met you guys. I'll tag you all on Discord.

On top of that it had made me realize that my other friends, the ones I grew up with in high school and still talk to, are probably the best ones I can have, even if I am rather exhausted around them sometimes. They're amazing friends.

That's all I have for now, hopefully I can get to more posts, maybe once a month. No promises, but it would be nice.