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The October Update

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The October Update

Once again, I've not written a post for a long, long time. Part of this is due to work, but another part of it is not having much to even write about. Today, I'm hoping I'll change that starting next week with a higher frequency, specifically on Tuesdays.

One other thing is I've updated the site a tiny bit. So there's that. Oh, and if anyone reading this is interested in making homebrew games for Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch, check out Löve Potion! I've been working on a complete overhaul that makes it way better on so many levels. The wiki link was updated in its page and even the wiki itself got some LÖVE! It now has a dark/light theme toggle and reflects the latest information about version 2!

The Long Answer

When I made my post back in October 2019, I was certain on a few things. One of those was I wouldn't worry about my job shipping me to some other state in the U. S. The other half of it was me angrily, yet reluctantly getting out of my parent's house. The hope for the former--and it became both of them--eventually showed its ugly head.

The final day of December came by, the 31st. I was at work and a week or so prior my (project) boss informed me that I was going to be cut loose from my current project. I shrugged it off as I was given a notice and also the timeframe wasn't going to happen until about mid-January. He wanted to talk to me about the state of what was going on. Simply put that he did everything he could to have them keep me until the specified point in January, but it wasn't possible. I again thought nothing of it, though I was a bit discouraged. I was living by myself in an apartment that I paid for with my salary.

Luckily, however, it was just for the project. I was still going to get paid even though I was "on the bench" as it was put. Fantastic, and hopefully they'll find something for me soon--or so I thought. A month goes by and I'm informed about a position with a new client for my company. They wanted an interview with me and I was prepared with some questions they had allegedly informed the recruiter from my company with. I jotted down answers to the questions as referral material, nervously awaiting the day for this interview.

The day comes and I unfortunately completely screwed up. Part of that was because said client didn't even ask those questions and also because they threw what felt like nonsense at me. The main part of it was when they asked, "So what's your level of insurance knowledge" as if that makes sense. I tried to answer, but asked for clarification and the one guy that was there starts describing what they do such as underwriting and risk assessment. How does that even help me?! In the end, I obviously didn't get the position and I was excessively worried that I was going to be let go for that performance with a potentially new client.

When I spoke to the recruiters from my company, they were disappointed, but it wasn't as bad as I had thought. So that happened.

Four months go by and I'm trying to figure out what's going on with work. There were three other opportunities that came by, though they went out the window rather quickly, mostly because those presenting them didn't follow up properly. Eventually in late March, I get informed of a new client position. I was eager, but at the same time a bit reserved. I had to pay for the apartment I was in and my landlord had me under a rather tight contract. I couldn't break it under normal circumstances. The whole ordeal was that I had to move out and fly to Utah by the end of March and self-quaruntine for two weeks (this was of course the beginning of when COVID-19 was happening). There was a bit of push and shove, but nothing heavy. Because of this, I spoke to my landlord one final time about it. I cited that I was, well, threatened that I either keep my job or the apartment.

With that as the situation, I was told the property manager would let me break the lease for two month's rent and the lease breakage fee. Once that information was relayed properly to my work, I had to do the one thing I didn't want to: move back to my parent's place. I had nowhere else I could have gone, especially with the amount of stuff I had in the apartment.

That's pretty much the end of it all.

The Good News

Though it's a bit of a sour note for the prior section, it's really not all that bad. I genuinely have no idea why what happened.. happened last summer (and into the fall). My father and I saw someone to help with our understanding of one another and figure out this information. We really didn't figure it out, the only thing that was decided was how neither of us had ill intentions towards one another. Hard to really think that as the case when I would get ridiculed for some random, stupid stuff all the time, but okay I guess.

My father since I moved back in hasn't been as harsh. There were a few times where we did argue, again, over the dumbest of things. I actually forget the reason, but he eventually decided to block my WiFi connection because he got Google WiFi devices. Then he gave it back once I would do whatever he wanted me to do, such as when he did it because I was being a bit careless over cancelling my internet service at the old apartment. That was only because COVID-19 has caused long wait times and I had to call during a certain timeframe. Anyway, I don't really care because it's not hard to deal with. Recently he restored my phone's WiFi (yes that was also blocked) after I yelled at him. It had been maybe two months long.

The Takeaway

I really don't know if I have much for this part of the post, but I'm glad things are fine for the time being. I hope that they don't get as bad as they did last summer. I've been trying to better myself in different ways when it comes to my father's time-constrained needs (even though he's just impatient) by using timers on my Apple Watch to remind me when I need to do something. It's worked so far when I remember to set it, though I really do wish he wasn't so impatient about things.